Our Platform
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

Sam Rainsy - Justice and Equality!
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SRP Policy
In the last commune election SRP stand strong on the following:

The Sam Rainsy Party will provide justice to victims

The Sam Rainsy Party will not embezzle state funds, but we will uphold state justice. We will return back to the citizens land which were unfairly confiscated from them by powerful people. Furthermore, the Sam Rainsy Party will take back all public properties which were illegally sold by powerful people to private parties, and turn them into public properties.

Small gifts cannot deceive people

Gifts from current officials who are trying to buy our votes in fact come from our own money. Officials get this money by robbing the nation, the state and the citizens. They rob from all of us through corruption. This money comes from our daily blood and sweat, and it comes from the theft of state properties which already are nearly destroyed.

They steal from us by the tens and hundreds of thousands, and they pay back us back in pennies. This type of gift is intended to deceive people and to hide from them the corruption which plagues the country and makes people poorer. Because of this corruption, people no longer have land, forests or fish, steady jobs or decent incomes. People who are practicing small trade are extorted of their money along the roads as well. Therefore, if you are given gifts, you should take them, but when the time comes to vote, you should rely on your convictions.

Small gifts can never be exchanged for destructive corruption.

Convictions in decision-making during voting

The upcoming elections represent the people's choice for the destiny of our country and the future of our children. The Cambodian people should not prioritize the small amount of money or small gifts provided to them over national interest and legitimate justice.

Please vote to defend our national interest.

Please vote to get rid of corruption and to improve the living condition of all Cambodian people.

Please vote to instill social justice.

Please vote so that your children can have a brighter future.

Please vote for the Sam Rainsy Party and Sam Rainsy Party commune chief candidates in order to bring in a new local leadership that fully serves your needs.

By eliminating corruption, we can build more roads, bridges, schools water irrigation, and do it more quickly than it is currently being done. All of this infrastructure is the people's property. It comes from your blood and sweat. Contrary to the claims of some, it is not a donation from a particular individual or party. Those who claim that these constructions came from donations are in fact deceiving the people. In fact, many authorities are stealing large amounts of money from the state through corruption. In particular, they use their power to embezzle state incomes (such as taxes, customs fees and incomes from state properties) and to put them into their own pockets. For example, if they steal $10 million from the state, they will only use $1 million to build a road, and then they will declare it to be their donation to the community. If the $10 million were appropriately collected and used rather than pocketed, ten roads would be built in the place of one.

Far more roads and buildings are built in neighboring developed countries, where leaders are prevented from stealing from the state by better governments. Furthermore, this infrastructure is viewed as state property obtained by the blood and sweat of people, not as a donation from a particular person or political party. If elected into office, a government run by the SRP will bring real and steadfast development to Cambodia by eliminating corruption and putting an end to false propaganda aimed towards the people.

Mr. Sam Rainsy is a charismatic leader who will quickly improve the living condition of the Khmer people

Mr. Sam Rainsy is an individual who

  Is clean and not corrupt, unlike the current leaders.
  Has the ability to develop the country without destroying it.
  Is an international-caliber intellectual and is not a puppet to any foreigner.
  Has high integrity and is not wicked or violent.
  Is a nationalist and is faithful to Khmer people.
  Is courageous and will struggle without backing down.
  Has long range view for the future of the Khmer nation.
  Has experience working as the Minister of Economy and Finance, and has fulfilled his duty with success (during the first government mandate).
  Has raised the salary of civil servants, teachers, police officers and soldiers, and ensured that these salaries were paid in full and on time.
  Defends the rights and freedoms of factory workers, and helps to increase their salary.

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