Our Platform
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

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SRP Policy
In the last commune election SRP stand strong on the following:

This commune election is of extreme importance

The current election is very important because we are electing upright commune leaders, and we are also improving our living conditions. Furthermore, the elected commune leaders will elect district leaders, as well as provincial leaders in the future. Therefore, the commune election not only guarantees local commune developments and serves the interest of commune members, it also guarantees the developments at the district and provincial levels for the entire country.

The victory of the Sam Rainsy Party in the commune election in 2007 will also enable our party to earn a major victory in the 2008 general election. Both of these victories will guarantee the resolution of a large number of issues at a higher level than the commune authority, such as the reduction of gasoline price, the reduction of fertilizer price, maintaining a decent price for rice, corn, and beans, the building of roads, bridges and water irrigations, the reduction of utility prices and the creation of jobs.

Removing corrupt commune chiefs to improve our living condition

The majority of past and present commune chiefs are not appropriately fulfilling their duties. These commune chiefs are part of a governing institution which pressures and threatens the population. This governing institution is corrupt. Powerful officials from all levels are involved in all sorts of corruptions which seriously affect the living condition of people, in particular the poor and the weak who are the very first in line to suffer from this corruption.

Because nowadays, those who are powerful are also corrupt and greedy people, they have no qualms in making the population suffer. There are many instances in which the current commune chiefs are abetting corrupt people and other crooks to pressure and violate the rights of the people, to grab their lands and to continuously extort their money. At the same time, these officials are also selling state and public properties to private parties, including school lands, pagoda lands, lakes, ponds, rivers, forests, mountains, beaches and islands.

New Sam Rainsy Party Commune Chiefs will defend people's interest

The Sam Rainsy Party and President Sam Rainsy pledge that:

SRP commune chiefs will always maintain Integrity, Truth, and Justice.

SRP commune chiefs will be clean and are determined to oppose corruption.

SRP commune chiefs will not abet crooks who are grabbing people's land.

SRP commune chiefs will not sell public properties to private parties.

SRP commune chiefs will protect and claim back lands, lakes, rivers and forests which provide people's livelihood.

SRP commune chiefs will serve the people without asking for any bribes.

SRP commune chiefs will issue official documents without asking for fees beyond what the law prescribes.

SRP commune chiefs will defend small fishermen and will claim back public fishing zones.

SRP commune chiefs will evenly divide aid from the international community and organizations among local constituents without discrimination of party affiliation.

SRP commune chiefs will defend small local market sellers by preventing the removal of their stalls without their prior consent.

SRP commune chiefs will defend the Cambodian people and will oppose illegal immigrants.

SRP commune chiefs will help to select upright village chiefs who are acclaimed by local villagers.

SRP commune chiefs will protect you from fear, and will not use their power to threaten innocent citizens.

Any SRP commune chief who does not properly serve the people will be removed from his or her position.

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