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Candle Light Revolution
A decade after the fall of Khmer Rouge who responsible for the killing of nearly half of the Cambodian population, many Cambodian including myself still could not comprehend and still asking questions why it started at the first place. 

If Khmer Rouge was created in response to the hard core corruption during Sihanouk’s regime, then it failed! Instead it brought the darkest chapter into Cambodian history.

If Hun Sen (CCP) meant to stop the atrocity committed under Khmer Rouge, then it too have failed, the grenade attack on the opposite party is just another form of atrocity. 

We experience the worst of the three worlds, escape this vicious cycle Cambodian people will need a miracle.
On March 30, 2011, SRP will celebrate the 14th Anniversary of grenade attacked in 1997 in front of former National Assembly. 

Many international observers anticipated some kind of revolution, which prompted Australian ABC reporter Sen Lam asked in recent interview with President Sam Rainsy “Do you see signs of that pressure building in Cambodia, do you see signs of a peaceful Jasmine Revolution, if you like, taking place in Cambodia?” 

In response President in exile said “Yes! There are many indications, many similarities between the situation in North Africa and the situation in Cambodia. All the ingredients for a change, a deep change, are there in Cambodia. The Cambodian people have lived under oppression for some thirty years. It's a long time, it's not very different from Gaddafi. it's not very different from Mubarak. There are a lot of social injustices in Cambodia, operation, corruption, lack of freedom”.

President also said “You can see that the whole world is changing. Dictators who have been in place, for ten, thirty years, like Mr Hun Sen must fear now, that the population, their own people want democratic change, want justice. So, after Ben Ali in Tunisia, after Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and soon, after Moammar Gaddafi in Libya, I think there will be pressure on Mr Hun Sen to step down. Then, the political situation in Cambodia will definitely change.”

Prime Minister Hun Sen publicly says he will crush any uprising, the parade of troop during the border clash between Khmer-Thai at Preah Vihea, is a chance for the Prime Minister to signal and send fear to anyone who may initiate such an up-rise.  But if any uprising Prime Minister Hun Sen wants it to be sooner then later.  Prime Minister waiting impatiently, still nothing despite the fall of Ben Ali in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. 

The government tried to provoke the opposition by removed President Sam Rainsy from MP of Kampong Cham province, but there is still no uprising! 

“The Cambodian government, the ruling party does not respect our own law, especially our constitution, the Supreme Law of the Nation” said President Sam Rainsy referring to the removal of his title as MP of Kampong Cham province. 

There will be no uprising when Cambodian people assemble on March 30, 2011, to celebrate the 14th Anniversary of grenade attacked in 1997 in front of former National Assembly. 

Instead, Cambodian people will burn candles, incense-sticks and lotus-flowers pay respect to those who died during the grenade attack.  But if all Cambodian and friends of Cambodian around the globe regardless of their political affiliation start burn candles and incense-sticks pay respect to those who died during Sihanouk’s regime, million who died during Khmer Rouge’s regime and those who died in recent time, then if you like we can say it is the “Candle Light Revolution”. 

Let us burn the Candle Light so bright, in every house, in every city.  Let it shine so bright when they look down they know we care.  Let the Candle Light shine so bright so those lost in darkness can find their way back, those who live in fear … FEAR NO MORE!

Candle Light for Peace!  Please burn the Candle on 30th March 2011!
Candle Light for Peace
By Vireak IN