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President Sam Rainsy and his team tour around the country and meet with ordinary people.

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Mr Sam Rainsy and Mr Khy Vandeth went to visit a group of Khmer farmers and supporters  at Wetherill Park, estern sydney suburb, about 60 km from city of sydney. Barbeque party was organised in the honor of Party Leader.  During the BBQ, supporters have the opportunity to exchange their views and information. The PL was very impress with the high standard of living of Australian farmers. PL updated the support at the BBQ on the latest situation in Cambodia.
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By Sam Rainsy
Member of parliament

Once again, the government of Cambodia is using the courts which are well known to be its political tool, to silence government critics and, in particular, to suppress the voice and rights of the opposition.  They can purport to remove my parliamentary immunity.  They will not silence me.

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Cambodia is at war again. This time, the battles surround who will control resources-land, timber, fisheries, oil-with a corrupt elite taking over the nation’s emerging export economy, while international donors turn a blind eye and 14 million Cambodians suffer.

“Cambodia is a democracy on paper but in reality a dictatorship. Our party activists are murdered because they fight for justice-life is still cheap in Cambodia.”
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Sochua Mu
Heng Sinith / AP Photo
Those who close to the president Sam Rainsy, know he has fought hard, may be too hard.  The picture on the right hand side probably say a lot about how Sam Rainsy has lead the party through last year election.  He pulls the load while his team parades a long. 

In hindsight, we know that not the only factor.  There were fraud and irregularities in the voting system and there were the 2008 Cambodian-Thai stand-off over the Preah Vihear Temple which were widely seen as a successful attempt of the ruling CPP to gain more support.

And there were media restriction, Sam Rainsy party and other minor parties have no access to media to explain their party policy. Full article
President Sam Rainsy
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SAM RAINSY PARTY: What is the faith of Sam Rainsy party?
Cambodia's New War
Candle Light Revolution

Response to article: Foreign Minister Critical of UNTAC's efforts

In the article “Foreign Minister Critical of Untac’s Efforts”  where Cambodia’s foreign minister Hor Namhong said “The UN’s transitional authority, which occupied Cambodia in the early 1990s, did little for the country except put an election in place in 1993, but failed to end the country’s war”. 

As a former UN staff in Cambodia, I find his comment somewhat offensive.  I expect more from the leader.  I join “Lao Monghay, a former member of the KPNLF who is now a researcher for the Asian Human Rights Commission, who said Hor Namhong’s criticism of UNTAC overlooked the work the peacekeepers did accomplish”. Full article
Transit centre
MP Mu Sochua vs Prime Minister Hun Sen: Dare to disturb the universe

MP Mu Sochua disturbs the universe and by doing so wakes up many, the CPP and it public servants now want her blood for disturbs the universe.

Cambodian likes many other Asian nations, “lose face” considered to be the most sacred and one would do anything to protect.  The case of MP Mu Sochua vs Prime Minister Hun Sen, is a sensitive matter and it is more or less a fight to save face, at least from the Prime Minister team.  Once the story of MP Mu Sochua announced her intention to sue Prime Minister Hun Sen surface in Cambodian Newspaper, as expected the counter attack from Prime Minister Hun Sen legal team, the counter lawsuit.  This is the first in Cambodian history.  According many observers, the battle between MP Mu Sochua vs Prime Minister Hun Sen ended before it even begin.  Many will choose to remember MP Mu Sochua dares to disturb the universe.  What follows will be a bonus.
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Prime Minister Hun Sen
MP Mu Sochua
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A decade after the fall of Khmer Rouge who responsible for the killing of nearly half of the Cambodian population, many Cambodian including myself still could not comprehend and still asking questions why it started at the first place. 

If Khmer Rouge was created in response to the hard core corruption during Sihanouk’s regime, then it failed! Instead it brought the darkest chapter into Cambodian history.

If Hun Sen (CCP) meant to stop the atrocity committed under Khmer Rouge, then it too have failed, the grenade attack on the opposite party is just another form of atrocity. 

We experience the worst of the three worlds, escape this vicious cycle Cambodian people will need a miracle.

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President Sam Rainsy

President Sam Rainsy and his team tour around the country and meet with ordinary people.

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Sam Rainsy Australia has issued a Press Release to inform it member of our position.

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Letter of appriciation re: contribution toward the commune election 2012
The Commune Election is an important event for the Cambodian people. This is the time for which the Cambodian people can elect into their local offices; people of good characters. The SRP has filed candidates into 1621 communes out of 1633.

Sam Rainsy Australia and New Zealand participate by contributed financial to help with the campaign.  Attached is the letter of appreciation from SRP Kompong Chhnang .